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Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Running. That’s all that Ghost (real name Castle Crenshaw) has ever known. But never for a track team. Nope, his game has always been ball. But when Ghost impulsively challenges an elite sprinter to a race-and wins- the Olympic medalist track coach sees he has something: crazy natural talent. Thing is, Ghost has something else: a lot of anger, and a past that he tries to outrun. Can Ghost harness his raw talent for speed and meld with the team, or will his past finally catch up to him?

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Jonny Jakes Investigates: The Hamburgers of Doom by Malcolm Judge
Jonny Jakes

Meet Jonny Jakes, undercover reporter for banned school newspaper The Woodford Word. Nothing will stop his pursuit of the truth. Not teachers. Not parents. Not even detention. When a new principal arrives halfway through the semester, Jonny smells a rat. Teachers handing out candy? All-you-can-eat hamburgers? He’s determined to get to the bottom of it, because Jonny Jakes investigates the same way he eats his hamburgers: with relish.

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Plants Can't Sit Still by Rebecca E. Hirsch
Illustrations by Mia Posada
Plants Can't Sit Still

Plants can wiggle. Plants can creep and whirl and hide. Flowers can bloom in the moonlight. Seeds can even hitch a ride on your sock! Whatever they do, plants can’t sit still!

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Poop Detectives by Ginger Wadsworth
Working Dogs in the Field

Camas is searching for grizzly-bear scat. “Go find it!” her handler calls out, over and over. With her nose leading the way, Camas races along rough roads, riverbeds, and ridgelines. Suddenly she stops. There it is: a fresh, heaping pile of dung. In the race to save endangered species, finding solutions now is critical. Canine detectives like Camas are on the case…

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Picture Books

Sloth Slept On by Frann Preston-Gannon
Sloth Slept On

Three children find a mysterious creature snoring away in a tree in their backyard. It isn’t like anything they have ever seen. What is it, why is it there, and what should they do with it? The children use books - and their own imaginations - to find some answers. All the while the creature sleeps on!

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Rescue Squad No. 9 by Mike Austin
Rescue Squad

S.O.S.! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Go, rescue squad No. 9, GO!

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Graphic Novels

BroBots - J. Torres & Sean Dove
The Kaiju Kerfuffle!

Something stranger than usual haunts Full Moon Hollow, Paranormal Capital of the World. Adults either can’t see it, can’t remember it, or go crazy from it. So when a zombie outbreak threatens the town, only a group of misfit scouts can save it!

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One Trick Pony by Nathan Hale
Dog Man Unleashed

The aliens have arrived. And they’re hungry for electricity. In the Earth of the future, humans are on the run from an alien force—giant blobs who suck up electrical devices wherever they can find them. Strata and her family are part of a caravan of digital rescuers, hoping to keep the memory of civilization alive by saving electronics wherever they can. Many humans have reverted to a pre-electrical age, and others have taken advantage of the invasion to become dangerous bandits and outlaws. When Strata and her brother are separated from the caravan, they must rely on a particularly beautiful and rare robot pony to escape the outlaws and aliens—and defeat the invaders once and for all.

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